10 things you didn’t know about ElRehla

10 things you didn’t know about ElRehla, know them one by one
ElRehla is not just a few founding organizers, it’s an experience that is made possible by all these awesome people. They went above and beyond for us. So thank you endlessly whether you are someone who opened up new opportunities for ElRehla to expand its work or helped us set up our crowdfunding campaign and supported campers to attend with big donations, or developed our new website with all our requests if we ever needed anything or delivered some really cool experiences and sessions in the past camps or read our really long proposals and pitch decks and gave us a list of changes we should make or hosted us in your beautiful space or worked continuously across the camp to capture beautiful memories or took time to give us legal advice before we were setting up or volunteered your time to help us many long hours before and during the camps….thank you thank you thank you! Even if we don’t show it enough we hope you always feel what impact you had on us
ElRe7la is not a space to come and take photos of your vacation, it’s more a place to come to learn from each other and to truly live together a different experience for 4 days
Although we push for an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude it isn’t only for startup founders. In our last 3 camps we’ve had attendees coming from over 50 professions Leaders, doers, founders, intrapreneurs, investors, mentors, artists, freelancers, etc from any industry are all welcome to apply its more about the quality of the person applying than what they do
To those seeing it from the outside it seems like summer camp for adults with little to no connection with reality. Yet for us as a team it’s an ongoing experiment of how we can connect talented individuals, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs more effectively so that progress in their projects happens much quicker and more deeply
ElRehla is not a trip a lot of people take the literal meaning of ElRehla to mean a trip but actually we mean a journey that we explore together as our lives come together for those 4 days of cam… See more
I’m an introvert and so I’d rather go with my friends. First off going on new experiences and adventures makes you richer – not only because of the new things you experience but also because it’s a chance to reinvent yourself to being a better version of yourself – so push yourself to be open and see what happens in the camp. Secondly, the team behind the agenda are actually introverts ourselves so we designed the 4 days to actually help introverts feel more comfortable and we keep making changes based on feedback we get from other introverts. So come and connect to new people it won’t be as scary as you think.
ElRehla’s work doesn’t end after the camp. Whether the reunions we organize designed for alumni from different generations to meet or trainings of the tools we use in ElRehla and how they can be used in our own work environments. There is work to be done together after the camp
ElRehla is not a camp to come have fun and go home. The design of the experience comes from a mix in the agenda focuses on the mind, body and soul using tools of sharing experiences, organized networking, business transformation, fitness & fun, relaxation and artistic expression
One of the important questions we are tackling ever since campers have expressed that they like the tools used during camp is how can we make the tools simple enough to be replicated back in our own workspaces? So we’ve started offering followup trainings to bring back the tools to our own work environments.


And the 10th thing of is our gratitude for the 198 people to join us on a 4 day experience not knowing exactly what would happen 🙂

10 things you didn’t know about ElRehla

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